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I have been writing poetry for about 20 years. Although many of my poems are inspired by personal experiences that I have had, many more are inspired by the lives of those who are close to me, by the natural world, and by things and feelings I see and hear of in the world.


I call my poems Images.



Some of these images are rather dark, expressing those times when we feel down, or reflecting on some of the dark stuff going on in the world, or things that may yet come.  Others are a celebration of life, nature and people.  Others are more neutral, just philosophizing, or are humorous.  Fellow poets may enjoy the poems about words and writing poetry.

Please note that the poems which appear to be about personal experiences may or may not be from my own experience. I do not always indicate which are and which are not, so please don't jump to any conclusions about me.

So, whatever your taste, please enjoy!

Thank you for reading!



Images  Topics


Earth, Nature, & the Environment
The poems on this page have to do with Nature, the Earth and the Environment, and the appalling things we are doing to our natural home.

These poems are all evocative of an image in one's imagination. I write most of my poems intuitively, that is, I do not sit and think of ways to use the words; the words to use simply come to me.  This is especially true of the poems in this section. Some of them may seem rather bizarre, so please don't read these poems with your mind, but rather with your heart, your spirit, your imagination, your feelings. And no, I was not on drugs, nor was I psychotic,  when I wrote them! Another way to look at them is as experiments in poetry and words.
These, along with the poems on the page titled "Inside", are my favourites.

Nature Images
These poems are like the ones in the above category, except they focus on nature and wild areas.

These are poems about things inside of us:  loneliness, pain, sorrow, happiness.
Also here are poems about the inner search for meaning, for ourselves.
These, along with the type of poems I have written that I call "Images", are my favourites.

I couldn't decide what category these poems fit into.

These poems are about people: our relationships with each other, our friends, lovers, partners, people we've lost and people we've found.

Social Issues
These poems are about issues that pertain to interpersonal relationships and society -- how we treat our fellow human beings. They are also commentaries on our society.

About Writing and Stories
These poems are about writing poems and telling stories.


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