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These poems are about people: our relationships with each other, our friends, lovers, partners, people we've lost and people we've found.


A Blessing
A Friend in the Night
A New Year's Wish for a Special Friend
A Passing Glance
I Have Only Two Hands
Precious Angel



A blessing to you, who are reading my poems now...


A Blessing

May love touch
Your heart in the night
When all has gone dark
And your friends have fled.

May a song sprinkle
Upon your ears
And change your sorrow
To a morning dew.



A Friend in the Night

A friend in the night
Met me on my
    bridge of sorrow
About to fall off
And take the plunge
    into nowhere.

A friend in the night
He caught my hand
    and spoke to me
About the Earth
About sun and trees
    and flowers fine.

A friend in the night
Turning my dark
    veils into light
Demolishing sorrows
As the loving
    sun rose once more.

A friend in the night
What was his name,
    so fine a friend?
I hadn’t time to ask –
He walked away
    into the sun.



A New Year's Wish for a Special Friend

My friend, who's so dear,
I wish for you, in the new year:

May you have peace, happiness, and love,
And the freedom of birds up above

May your friends show that they care
And make all your worries lighter than air

May your body and soul stay ever healthy
And may thus you grow infinitely wealthy

May the path of life become less confused
And may the dark paths never be used

May the light shine upon you, my love,
From the golden sun that shines from above.

May your soul be not tethered too tight
And may your heart be your guiding light.

And may that light guide you when to stay,
And be there to follow if you must go away.

May only the gentle rains caress your soul,
With no lashing torrents to take their toll.

May you see much beauty all around
And leave your eyes never on the ground.

And may your beauty grow for evermore,
And radiate from your every pore.

And for us, my dear friend,
May there never be an end

To a friendship that's so dear --
May we always have each near.

May our love grow always stronger
And last us always much longer.

I wish this and much more for my friend so dear;
May you have all that's good, in the new year.



A Passing Glance

Just a passing glance
    So much in her eyes
Stories written there
    On a deep winter day

Just a passing glance
    My heart went to my knees
The missing yesterdays
    Fell from her hair

Just a passing glance
    My feet danced away
The laughter awakening
    From within the Earth

Just a passing glance
    Now gone forever
The memories linger
    Light upon the breeze.


You meet someone, grow close, and then suddenly someone or something from their past arrives again in the present and they are suddenly changed, remote, and they slip away....


     with someone who was once close
     but now a stranger.

The voices of the past have reached forward
     and claimed them,
Catapulting them back into the other world
     from whence they came;

The great pretence of the present is forgotten,
     engulfed by thundering yesterdays,
     like rocks upon a stormy ocean shore.

The storm is quickly over,
     leaving you…

     with someone who was once close
     but who is now a stranger.




    On the morning breeze
    Perfume of sunrise
    Gracing the air

    You were but five
    When they sent you away
    To dark lands afar

    A flower amidst stone
    Alone in the world
    No family or home

    You’ve lost youself now –
    In a world of walls
    Where could you go?

    Upon wings of dreams
    Escape from the hell
    They’ve made for you

    A broken life
    In the darkening sunset
    Of a world gone cold

    I’m so much alone
    And life is so sad
    Now that you’re gone.



Have you ever really, really needed a friend to come to your emotional rescue?  You just can't handle it anymore, but you know that they can pull you out of the pit that you're sunk in.



friend, the walls are too high now --
    please come and break them down

friend, the thorns are too sharp now --
    please come and soften them

friend, the rain falls so hard now --
    please come and make it gentler

friend, the night is too dark now --
    please come and shine into it

friend, my eyes see nothing but sorrow --
    please come and turn them elsewhere

friend, I am buried deep within myself now --
    please come and rescue me

friend, it is much too cold out there --
    please come and warm me

friend, please come soon.




A friend who’s so dear
They wish I might stay
The road calls me, I fear
I’ll soon return, they pray.

Leave you I must
As the breeze blows free
Let every new gust
Remind you of me.

I love you all
Oh, so very deep
But please, those walls,
They’re yours to keep.

A tether of gold
Is even too much
Though fine to behold,
It’s a deathly clutch.

Roads come to an end
Dying plants wither
But remember, my friend,
A friendship is forever.

Birds dancing in the morning sky
Forever singing, they colour the day
Even thought I, too, must fly
I’m always here, though far away.




As I watch
The dancing flames,
The campfire's reflected
In your eyes

You are wise
To suit your years
Every gray hair
And line shows truth

Here beside us
The moon-covered lake
The forest and rock
Everlasting and strong

Every north wind,
The sun, and the earth;
In every leaf
You will be there

You will live on
Forever and more
Here in the wilds
Your spirit lives on.



Sometimes we encounter someone who takes so much out of us (intentionally or not) that we simply have to distance ourselves from them, no matter how much we care about them.


I have only two hands

I see you coaxing the raging fires
Of guilt, anger, pity, and hate.
I hear you say, "lend me your hand"
Before, you say, it becomes too late.

The words on the phone
Seem so sad,
And it takes so much work
To make them glad.

Sometimes I succeed,
And sometimes I don't;
It's hard to say, "be happy",
When you say, "I won't".

You heap bricks upon your soul
And smother the light of life --
How deep one must reach
To rid your soul of strife.

Oh, what strength I need
When I reach out my hand
To wrest some happiness
From this barren land.

Glimpsing the agony of your soul,
I see flowers wilted, butterflies shredded,
Light becomes darkness, and doves turn black,
Clouds are torn from the sky, and beauty is ended.

When the fire burning inside
So chars my reaching fingers,
And they feel all too much
The pain that lingers,

My soul is content to stay
Peaceful, alive, and at rest
Please, not to be dragged
Down into that tempest.

But I'm afraid that it happens,
All too often, I fear,
That my peace becomes blackened
By your fires so near.

So, my dear friend,
Do not think it strange
When I make you climb
On your own for a change.

Climb that mountain you must,
No matter how high it stands.
And please always remember...
I have only, two hands.




Yet while I curse the weakness
    that binds me to you
I live for the moments
    when you speak my name
Face to face with the loneliness
    that gnaws at my soul.



Precious Angel

Poor little sister
What can you do
Daddy’s gotten drunk
And there’s nowhere to go.

Whispering heartbreak
All alone
The night is so endless
And nobody’s home.

Little white rabbit
Caught in a snare
They pull the noose tighter
Until love is gone.

Butterfly yellow
Twisted and torn
Tied up in a corner
And free not to go.

The fires burn brighter
And sear out your soul
They rape you with their words
And push you away.

My precious angel
Where have you gone?
You’ve fled into the sunset
Now I’m all alone.


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