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To the Ends of the Roads
Summer 2000


In July 2000 I took an 11-day, 8700 km solo road trip to Labrador, the St. Lawrence North Shore, and James Bay.

This section of my website is a record of this trip, in 3 sections, one section for each part of the trip.  I have titled this travelogue "To the Ends of the Roads" because I went as far as I could by road in each of three regions:

The trip to Labrador was made by traveling north from Baie Comeau in Quebec and then east across central Labrador to Goose Bay (and to the end of the road at Northwest River) on the Trans-Labrador Highway.

I then headed back to Baie Comeau and east along the north shore of the St. Lawrence to the St. Lawrence North Shore, to the end of the road at Natashquan.

To reach James Bay I backtracked again and headed northwest via Tadoussac and Lac St. Jean to Chibougamau, west along the North Road to the James Bay Road, and north to the end of the road at Radisson (and to Chisasibi on James Bay).

From there home via Matagami and North Bay.

Something lost behind the ranges,
Something hidden, go and find it.
Go and look behind the ranges,
Something lost behind the ranges,
Lost and waiting for you.  Go.

          --Rudyard Kipling.

Here's a map of where I went



These pages are designed to be an overview of the trip, as well as a general information source for those who wish to travel these routes.  Each section has a description of what my own journey was like, a description of the road and the region through which the road leads, information for those who wish to journey along the road, and photos of various places of interest, as well as photos of the road itself in order to give you a general idea of what the road and the country through which it passes are like.  Since this was a road trip, there are a lot of pictures of roads.

For some additional detailed information about these routes, please consult the sites in each links section.  Also, there are links to other sites which have additional photos of these areas.

If you plan to make any of these journeys, make no mistake about it....each of them is a long trip through a very remote part of Canada.  You'll need a reliable vehicle, and you've got to love driving!  Please read the "If you go..." section for the trip you are contemplating.

In January 2003 I reorganized this part of the website. I have moved each section of the trip into its own area. You can still follow my trip in sequence, but you will be taken to different subsections of this website as you move through the trip.


I now invite you to travel with me to....
The Ends of the Roads:

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Trans-Labrador Hwy website -

St. Lawrence North Shore 

James Bay
(The James Bay Road section has MOVED to
JAMES BAY ROAD website -


"To the Ends of the Roads" trip - July 2000:
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