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Southwest USA 2001


In the summer of 2001 Julie and I made a 3-week excursion to 3 of the southwest states of the USA: Colorado, Utah and Arizona. We drove from southern Ontario straight out to Colorado, then through the SE corner of Utah, down into Arizona, back up into Utah and home through Colorado. We traveled 10,000km through a lot of awesome scenery, including some very interesting (hair-raising!) roads.

The following travelogue is our way of sharing this trip with you through pictures and words.

All of the pictures from this trip were taken with a Minox 35GT camera, using Fuji and Kodak ASA 200 colour print film.


Here is a map of the three states, showing our route
and some of the places we visited:




Please come with us and take a tour of the southwestern United States:
Colorado, Utah, and Arizona

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Take the tour with us in actual travel sequence:
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