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Mountain Lake Bison Range
Grass-fed, open range bison (buffalo) - very healthy, very good for you!
Visit their website at

Dean's Wildflowers
Info and photos about Ontario's wildflowers

If you understand, or if you don't,
If you believe, or if you doubt,
There's a universal justice,
And the eyes of Truth are always watching you.

--Enigma 2 (CD)

In every colour there's the light
In every stone sleeps a crystal.
Remember the shaman, when he used to say,
"Man is the dream of the dolphin"

--Enigma 2 (CD)


Alfred Muma, artist
(my cousin)

Alfred Muma painting Cumshewa


Roger Muma
Musical Instruments

(another cousin)

RogerHarpSymbol.gif (849 bytes) One of Roger Muma's Harp

His sons have websites:
Damon Muma's website    Kevin Muma's website



Timothy Haystubble

by Ken Muma   (my uncle)
Philosophical insights from almost 90 years of life, rooted on the family farm where he grew up.
Very interesting and insightful!

Also, his first book is now online
Grass Roots Memories

Well worth a read!
This is NOT a boring autobiography, by any means!
In it, Ken also shares his vision for a new future that is within the grasp of our society today.


Here is how Ken Muma describes Grass Root Memories (from the Preface):
    "You may well ask, "Why did you go to all this trouble to recall and record these Memories of your Grassroots?" Let me hasten to reply with another question, "If I did not do this, who would?"
    Millions of words have been written, telling of successes in terms of fortunes made and accumulated. This is a success story of a different kind. This is the story of a rural Ontario farm family, ever trying and sometimes succeeding, in building, not a fortune in bank and security investments, but in Life Investments -- building a family and a Life with other Lives.
    It might be said "We are each other's 'Life Support System'." It has been my experience that this is the very Nature of Life.
    This is the success story of an Ontario family, trying to make the best of a poor, little, rundown, Heritage Farm. In this little book I will try to tell of the dreams, aspirations and struggles from day to day, trying and eventually succeeding in balancing their meager budget.
    This is the story of ordinary, everyday, rural folk, living close to and in cooperation with the Natural Elements, in neighbourhoods of Caring and Sharing. This is the story of some of the background environment where the Willowview Muma family began and of my entry into it. This narrative deals mostly about my life as a teenager, early school days, as well as work and play in the natural freedom of a farm. It is my desire that my children and their children share a few intimate details of their Dad's beginning, his thoughts and feelings, and, in general, give them an idea of what made him "tick".
    Do not fail to read the last chapter. This chapter reveals a very important and timely message for all to read and comprehend."
And, from "A Word About The Author":
   I chose the name "Timothy Haystubble" as the scribe to narrate this story, for several reasons. In the first place, I wished it to be written in a sort of off-hand, free-style manner that befits a country character. Timothy grass is one of the most common of hay crops. The stubble is that part of the parent plant left growing in the ground after haying. This will reproduce after its kind, in another season, from the original grass roots. There -- I trust that this explains the name of the author as well as the title of what you are about to read.


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