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Here are some photos of our new 50 acre piece of Ontario. I have wanted to own a piece of land for most of my life, but for one reason or another never seemed to quite get around to it.
At the front of the property there is a 1 acre field that was still being farmed. The road is at the far edge of this field, on the right side of the picture.

Julie wants to have a garden here.

Next is the first meadow. To the west (straight ahead in this photo) of this meadow is a nice bog and a small lake. There are apple trees and the foundation of a small old barn.
Here is a closer view of the old barn foundation. There's metal debris interspersed with rocks from when it burned down 15 years ago.
The property is rich in a profusion of Asters and Goldenrods, which are nice native species of wildflowers that bloom in the late summer and fall.
Walking back past the first meadow, we pass through some mixed woods with clearings, and eventually come to the second meadow, shown in this and the next photo.
Again, a profusion of goldenrods and asters, as well as other species. And many small trees growing up here and there: white pine, trembling aspen, elm.
At the far side of the second meadow the trail heads back into the woods...
... and comes out beside one of two back fields that are still being worked for agriculture. This is a view towards the east.

We feel this will be a good location for a future house someday.

There's some nice hardwoods along the edges of these two back fields: ash, sugar maple, black cherry, beech.
One of the surprises was that there is a bog on the property. I did not discover this until after the purchase was completed. I knew there was a wetland - a swamp I thought. But when I explored farther out into the "swamp" I found, much to my delight, a bog!!

For those of you who are not naturalists, well, for someone who loves nature and wildflowers and birds, a bog is a paradise of sorts.

There is a small lake in the middle of the bog. Our property does not officially come to the edge of the lake. However, the lake is located squarely on a road allowance, as well as on the adjoining property.

There is no sign whatsoever of human intrusion into this whole area.

Hundreds of Canada Geese frequent the lake.

A view of the far shore of the bog lake.
The bog comes complete with Pitcher Plants, Cranberry plants, Bog Goldenrod, Tamarack, etc. I am hoping for orchids, but I will have to wait until spring to find out!

This is a Pitcher Plant.

We've been enjoying nice fall sunsets from the first field.
In the woods the main trail leads through forest and small clearings.
And here's the main trail through a White Pine and White Spruce forest.
Happy landowners at the edge of the second meadow.
This is part of the wetland that borders on the bog.
We parked a used travel trailer to use as a place to stay overnight, especially when it is cold and/or wet, and in winter. No, we aren't living there! And I will still be frequently camping in a tent when I visit the land.

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