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Past Travels



Leaving for Alaska

In 1974, only a few days after I completed high school, I took off on an 800-mile bicycle trip to Northern Ontario.  I was 17.
I then continued on, hitchhiking to B.C. & Alaska, then all the way back across Canada in the fall to Nova Scotia.  I returned to Ontario in October, over 4 months and 15,000 miles later.

This photo was taken as I was leaving home, in Toronto.



"What am I doing back here??"

In 1978 I rode a moped from Toronto to Fairbanks, Alaska, and Inuvik, NWT, and back: 12,500 miles in total.
This was truly one of the most memorable trips that I have ever taken.

There is a full travelogue with pictures of this trip on the Moped Trip website

I figure that I was the first vehicle to travel the full length of the Dempster Highway in the Yukon.  This road had been completed only days before I traveled on it from Dawson City (Yukon) to Inuvik (NWT).  The main obstacle was the Peel River.  There was no ferry for cars until a year or two later - I got across in a freighter canoe.
As well, there were the immense distances on that road - 365 miles between towns.  At that time there was no gas available for that stretch of road.  I saw maybe 3 vehicles in that whole distance.  But what a beautiful trip!!

I traveled north up the Alaska Highway.  At that time it was a real challenge, almost 1,000 miles of gravel road.  When I returned I came down the Stewart-Cassiar Highway - at times this "highway" was no more than a logging road barely 2 lanes wide.  I imagine that it has changed a bit by now!

In all, I was away for 3 months, traveled 12,500 miles, and spent only $100 in gas.  I averaged 100-300 miles per day on the moped, which delivered about 250 miles per gallon (which is about 55 miles per liter).

This photo was taken the moment that I arrived back in Toronto.  I was truly wondering what on Earth I was doing back here in the city.



Mean-looking biker guy

Look out for the mean-looking biker guy!


I spent a few years (1975-1979 or so)  traveling everywhere I could by moped.  I considered it to be the ideal way to travel.  Slow enough that you don't flash by the scenery, out in the open so I was immersed in the whole experience of the landscapes that I traveled through, yet without the sometimes enormous effort required of bicycling.

I spent an entire summer traveling down east in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, P.E.I., Newfoundland, and Quebec, in addition to the Alaska-Yukon trip (above).   I also traveled just about everywhere in Ontario that I could go by road (particularly Northern Ontario).

During this time I traveled through every province and both territories of Canada by moped.  I made it to the farthest east, north and westernmost points of Canada by moped.



Driving instructor


A different kind of traveling...
This photo is from my driving instructor days.  I taught driving in Toronto for over 5 years (1979-1984).
Put on a lot of miles doing this job - I thoroughly enjoyed it.  So did the high school students that I taught, who were expecting the usual nervous driving instructor who would make them drive around the block 33 times at 40 km/hr.  I taught my students real life driving in all sorts of traffic.



"There are three things that cause stress in life, I've discovered:
        Our expectations of others.
            Others' expectations of us.
                Our expectations of ourselves."
       -- Kerry Palframan



In the woods

This is where I love to be the most: in the woods, contemplating and experiencing the Natural world.
This photo was taken in 1983 somewhere in Ontario.



British Columbia mountains

For a few years, I was able to take 2 months off work every year.   One year I spent the time out west in the mountains.  Another down east hiking here and there.







Other travels...(pictures to come to this site sometime)

  • Newfoundland

  • Australia

  • India

  • many trips to and around Lake Superior, including Pukaskwa National Park

  • many trips down east (Nova Scotia and New Brunswick)

  • many trips out west (B.C.)

More Travel pictures are in the Travel section of this website




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