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Feb 19/06
antonio christos
Middlesex Centre, Ontario, Canada
Guestbook Entry: Walter,
It took me about 30 seconds to decide to book-mark your web-site!!!
I found every thing i was looking for and a whole lot more!
Keep up the great job and if you're ever in the neighbourhood, feel free to drop in and give us a visit!!!!!
I live on a little over 3 acres and my God does the gardening over a large percent of that.
Antonio Christos

Jan 17/06
Armin Giebel
Dear Walter, thank you so much for this information about Marlo Morgan. I am not familiar with aboriginal culture, have only spent 3 weeks in Australia but I am fascinated about concepts which give us more insight into the principles of nature, ourselves as well our origin and destiny.
From the beginning I had the feeling that MM's book was not only a fake but just a crude and unethical way to make money by fooling people who have an esoteric attitude. But I never tried to prove my suspicion. Today I came over her 2nd book because I found it with a friend - I read the first 20 pages and the last 20 - more than enough. I found that it was just a vapid, boring and predictable story with no surprises and I was upset about that. So I looked for some real information in the internet.
Thanks again, you describe exactly what I felt without any profound knowledge. I you read those books attentively, you can easily feel what spirit it comes from. Why are people so stupid not to perceive that? I hardly do know anybody with discern about this. All people should be informed in order not to support this lady any longer with their money (or should we send "Australian quarters" to her?)
Best wishes and regards

Dec 24/05
Cynthia Padilla, Naturalist Artist
I am thrilled to have found this and your other websites. I am a professional Naturalist Illustrator/Botanical Artist and will be in Ontario (first time) teaching summer 2006.
While there, I would love to wander off for a few days,sketchbook journal in hand, to document vistas that will look very different from my southern USA experience. (Born in New Orleans...residing currently in Dallas, TX). Thanks for a peak of the wonder and beauty of your home town. I am filled with anticipation.


Date: Nov 5/05
Name: Ethan Ryan
Location: Germany
Can't wait to come do some of the hikes you mention- Ethan


Date: Nov 4/05
Name: gayle
Location: Rockton IL
Cool and really cool. I used to drive the pedal kind of moped to work in 1978 era. It has long been sold. I thoroughly enjoyed your tales and adventures. Thanks


Date: Nov 4/05
Name: Jef
Location: Les Sables d'Olonne - FRANCE
Many thank's for all the job. It's very very interesting, and I have to come again to see all that I want to see. You are right, and I agree with what and how you do it. I hope I can do it also, because travel thru all your great country is one of my dreams, and I'll do it. For the time, I begin in Europe, of course. You can see at : But near you, it's nothing, just the beginning, I think it's never too late! I'm going to contact you one day, of course... Many thanks again for all.


Date: Oct 22/05
Name: Pete Pattinson
Location: Auckland, New Zealand
I did the same trip (to Alaska, Cassiar, Stewart), minus the side excursions, 2 years after Walter. I was reminiscing about that trip recently, when I discovered Walter's website, and re-lived it again via his photos. Great site, and thanks for putting it together.


Date: Oct 17/05
Name: Nige
Location: Nottingham (robin hood country) UK
WOW!! Your an inspiration to anyone that takes the time to read thru your website and life, thanks for sharing it with us. Nige


Date: Oct 5/05
Name: Randy
Location: toledo, ohio
very interesting, your travel modes will be remembered by me in the future, as you know pricing for fuel is very high in the states


Date: Jul 28/05
Name: Ben Estep
Location: IL
Thanks for being so open with your information.
Really enjoy the pictures and the info on the native plants. Hope to make it up their sometime with my sons, who thought that open meetings of people of all skill levels is a great idea.


Date: Jun 23/05
Name: Dan Karin
Location: Cleveland, OH
What an interesting life. Thank you.


Date: Jun 15/05
Name: chris walcz
Location: beaches-toronto
good'ole yorkville boy from the sixties, when I finally move to the country, I'll definately need your help as I've never lived anywhere else but downtown.


Date: Jun 3/05
Name: Lewis Michelin
Location: Edmonton.Al,Canada
A really nice website. I was looking for things about Labrador and found this one. Really good stuff, thanks


Date: May 27/05
Name: Brian Paddock
Location: Cookeville, TN
Someone told me to visit your site & I am glad I did! Stay well for the earth.


Date: May 26/05
Name: Hank (gear) learning
Location: ontario
great site....looking at this site as well as others...makes me home sick.....anyone out there who knows me or remember me drop a line


Date: Mar 25/05
Name: Josh
Location: England(uk)


Date: Mar 21/05
Name: Pete Stocker
Location: London, England, UK
I loved your article on "naturalizing your property", quite an inspiration! As soon as I get round to it ...
P Stocker


Date: Mar 14/05
Name: Lynn
Location: Berlin, NH USA
I have been thinking about taking a road trip to Labrador.  I'm just starting to research the possibilities.  I've checked some of the "Official Web Sites", but, being a road trip traveller myself, I decided the best way to learn about a road trip to Labrador is to find a web site of someone who had done it themselves.  And I found your site.  I've placed it under "My Favorites" and I will be coming back often to read and learn more.  So far I love it!  It's exactly the kind of web page I was hoping for--with maps, suggestions, etc.. If you are interested, you could check out my road trip site at 21,000 miles through US & Canada to Alaska.  Thank you for your web site.  I can't wait to get home from work tonight to continue reading it!!!  Thanks, Lynn


Date: Feb 6/05
Name: romain
Location: france dijon
You're website looks very good, it was a pleasure to be on you're. Keep on the good work :-)


Date: Dec 20/04
Name: Colin Brookes
Location: Kelowna B.C
Thanks for the great website and especially for all the pictures you took on your 1978 moped trip, as I have so few from my trips to those areas. Please keep the site going as I return often.
Your trip will always be a world record because of the conditions in 1978.


Date: Oct 26/04
Name: Sandy
Location: Evanston, Illinois, USA
Your website is fabulous - very informative, and so nice to read that some people are getting rid of their lawns!  UGH!  I wish I had more land to "play" with!  But for now I am settling with the 1/4 acre that came with the house we just bought, and turning it into a butterfly and bird oasis.  Good luck and continued success with your plantings, birding, and website...


Date: October 9/04
Name: William Weatherstone
Location: Elliot Lake, Ontario, Canada
Entry: Hi; Just a note to thank you for taking photos of an area that I had traveled about 18 years earlier, with a tractor trailer and no camera. Namely the (at the time) bush trail between Manic 5 and Lab City. An emergency run. Everything you have recorded on your trips throughout the unpopulated trails in Northern Canada, is right up my alley. That is my kind of traveling. On my web site, there is a story titled "Labrador City" that chronicles an emergency trip into Lab City, about 18 or so years ago. It may interest you.
In the meantime, keep up that type of travel, it is the only way to go. I will even add a link from my site if you so desire. Just let me know. Take care; travel safe, --- The Diesel Gypsy. (OLD BILL)


Date: Sep 4/04
Name: Tim Orr
Location: Indianapolis, Indiana
Just so you know-----------
In 1968 when I was 19 I purchased a 1968 new Suzuki 120 trail bike and decided after school to explore the far north west and reach the end of the road 135 mile north of Fairbanks. It took me about 30 day to get there and I broke down in Juneau where I made repairs. I spent 30 days working while the parts were ordered and the bike repaired. Then it was another 30 days back to Indiana.
I have no web site about my trip so this is a real interesting site you have here. Thank you for your time creating this and I know you enjoyed every mile just as I did. I have been trying to recreate my trip in words and I have lots to do yet. I did jot down the dates and things I recall and have them on here to add too. I type each day and try to be as real as I recall. 
More later....


Date: July 18/04
Name: Lisa Jagoditsch
Location: Vienna, Austria
Many thanks for your website! Your detailed description of driving to James Bay is what brought me to your site (we were dreaming of doing that trip sometime), and now, I have explored a bit more. Your website, and biography are inspiring.


Date: April 20/04
Name: willem mieras
Location: the netherlands
great to see a mobylette on the other side of the ocean
I made several trips in the past (france, UK, Scotland and recently bought one in Spain, where my nephew lives and made great trips over there
when will you make your next trip?
I suggest toronto - tierra del fuego
toronto - great place - was there in '84 - saw bo diddley in the Carlsberg Beer Halle (slam them beer boys - diddley diddley daddy)


Date: April 17/04
Name: Maga
Location: lome/lome/togo
i love this siteooooooooooooooo all guy man in togo


Date: March 28, 2004
Name: Wray Joyce
Location: Asheboro,N.C.,USA
Unreal photos and info. I have looked at these pictures and info for yrs. and also never knew your interest in Tom Brown Jr's schools and ways of living. Hope to see all of these areas soon! Thank you for all of this. I too strive to live as that, naturally.


Date: February 29, 2004
Name: Diana Pearce
Location: Mars, Pennsylvania, USA
I enjoyed reading about your trip across the Trans Labrador Highway and viewing the photos.  My only camping (tent) experience in Canada was near Hearst, in (what I call) northern Ontario.  I was fortunate there were no black flies at the time--early October, but there was snow at night.  If I had the time, I think I might enjoy experiencing that part of Canada that is so peaceful and uninhabited.  Thanks!


Date: Feb 14/2004
Name: Buge Fowler
Location: Gulf Shores, Alabama
Great website. A lot of travels for such a young man. The photos were great.


Date: Feb 12/2004
Name: Wayne Samel
Location: Red Deer, Alberta
Hi Walter,
I have read your webpage many times, I am amazed by that trip on the little moped. You must have great patience? Thanks for great pictures and sharing your journey.


Date: Feb 9/2004
Name: Robert Yates
Nice website!!!!!! Loved your adventures on the moped through Canada and Alaska. The pictures were breath-taking!! Makes me really want to get up a trip to the Yukon and Alaska.


Date: Jan 4/2004
Name: Jason D'Angelo
Location: Enfield, Connecticut, U.S.A.
Don't go to my website, there is nothing really there yet. I don't believe that there will be anything that compares to this website!

I love the poetry, photos, stories, haircut (or lack thereof), observations, and even the log of miles traveled! I feel as if I have traveled the same path, yet never had to remove a bug from my teeth! Thank-you for this window into your mind.

One day, when I am less encumbered, I am going to make a journey similar. I have already marched most of the woods where I live, but the reward isn't as intoxicating. If I ever do it, it will be total inspiration from this one website, and your experience.

And to think, I was only searching the web for, "How to make moss grow!"

Once again, thank-you!
- Jason D'Angelo


Date:  11/10/2003
Name: Darrell Mobrley
I'm a biker to I ride a Harley softail and a SUZ. DR650 DUAL SPORT BIKE. Your web site is the best and most interesting one I have seen.  THANKS


Date:  11/9/2003
Name: Alex Harwood
Location:  Kitchener, Ontario
The new pics of newfoundland are amazing, great job walter....the site is looking better than ever!!!
see you soon


Date:  10/7/2003
Name:  K. Murphy
Location:  Homer, Alaska, USA
 Muma, How you be mon! We partnered in a Tom Brown class some years ago. I can't even remember which one.Theirs been so many. Sounds like you are well. Whatcha been up to? K.Murphy


Date:  8/4/2003 
Name:  Marilyn Sprissler
Location:  Picton, Ontario,
 Hi! I just happened on your website when I was hunting for info on the Trans-Labrador Highway. I am going canoeing on the Churchill River (Labrador) at the end of this week so wanted some idea of what I would see en route. I just wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying your website & what a great job you've done on of the best I have seen! Marilyn


Date:  7/29/2003
Name:  Jonathan Tarmey
Location:  Woonsocket, Rhode Island, USA
 I thoroughly enjoyed this site. It's nice to know I'm not alone in my curiosity to explore desolate places in the north. In 1998 I drove from Rhode Island to Labrador City, and the pictures brought back great memories. I too recall the SILENCE. Near Gagnon on Route 389 I drove through some forest that was just recently scorched, and I got out and the first thing I noticed was the silence- I had never experienced anything like it before. I also took a trip on a freighter, called the MV NORDIK that took me to 12 isolated towns on the North Shore of Quebec. I would recommend that to anyone.


Date:  7/24/2003 
Name:  Lisa Heenan
Location:  Diamond, Ohio, USA
 Found your site looking for information on scat, of all things, specifically porcupines and deer. Beautiful site, keep growing. Thanks.


Date:  7/19/2003 
Name:  Christopher Williams
Location:  Baltimore, Maryland, USA
 This is by far one of the most amazing sites I have ever been privileged to find. I only dream of seeing the far reaches of this continent. I simply typed in a search for Inuvik, and found this site. I am also interested in the other Canadian remote locations that you visited. I look forward to seeing any additions to this site (I hope it's ok to bookmark).


Date:  7/1/2003 
Name:  Kim Montgomery
Location:  Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada
 I just reviewed your trip of 1978 and found it so interesting. My husband and I and our 2 children went to Alaska last year with our trailer. We so enjoyed it. Your pictures are wonderful and some of the sights are the same as 20+ years ago. Thank you for sharing your experience with others. I think next time I go I will tour the Dempster Hwy. and see that area. It looks very nice in your pictures. I can't wait to go again. I bet you have been back there at least once or twice since the Moped days?


Date:  6/15/2003 
Name:  Troy Levac
Location:  sudbury, ontario, canada
 i would like to preserve our nation's nicest place by telling that people of hydro quebec to go away because you have enough energy and why would you need more energy when you have enough no just leave this quiet relaxing place alone we need something nice in this country to go to but if everyone keeps building damns it is not good for the environment surrounding the area. thanks


Date:  6/4/2003 
Name:  Robert Cormier
Location:  Oshawa, Ontario, Canada
 On Friday June 6/03 Myself and a good friend and riding buddy will be riding out to Labrador and hope to follow your same route. I do have to say it sounds like a true adventure, maybe even an odyssey, never the less, Steve and I, are as prepared for this journey as we can be! Our bikes (BMW R1150GS) adventure tourers are completely serviced and set to go. Steve and I have been counting down the days since Easter/03.Many of our friends joke with us about "the snow, the blackflies, the barren-empty-wasteland, and HOW LUCKY we are to be able to visit God's Country" Thank you for sharing your experience with everyone, and I look forward to an equally enjoyable ADVENTURE!! Sincerly Rob Cormier


Date:  5/29/2003 
Name:  Rebecca Fredric
 Hi Just wanted to say thank you for this wonderful pictorial guide you are developing. I go for walks in the park and want to identify the trees there. Thanks to your efforts - I now can identify a few trees. Great work. Rebecca.


Date:  5/19/2003
Name:  Kaylah
Location:  napanee, ont, canada
 great site! i am in high school and it helped me with my project. get more details though!


Date:  5/12/2003 
Name:  Michael O'Brien
Location:  fairbanks, alaska, usa
 Great website! Forwarded it to all of my friends. As someone who enjoyed hitchhiked all over the western US, Canada and Alaska for years, I commiserated with and appreciated your travel log. Thanks! Mike


Date:  5/11/2003
Name:  Sandra McKay
Location:  Brigham City, Utah, USA
 I found your website in a search for Utah shrubs and trees. Your trip to Utah is probably why it came up. I really enjoyed your section on pines. It was neat to see how to tell the difference between them; you have a lot more species of pines than we do in the Intermountain West. I really enjoyed your website. I'm glad you enjoyed our Utah deserts my husband an I love them! Maybe someday we can visit your area of the earth. Regards, Sandra McKay : )


Date:  5/2/2003 
Name:  lise armstrong
Location:  noelville, ont, cananda
 Nice website. Came across it looking for information on the Rupert River. I am a WEMT and wilderness canoeist. Just liked your site! Neat info on leatherwood. Will look for it this spring.


Date:  5/1/2003 
Name:  Joe Canadian
Location:  Montreal, Quebec, Canada
 Great site, I have recently returned from james bay, I loved it and would go back again any time, you are right the best part is the SILENCE. Thanks Safe travels


Date:  4/29/2003
Name:  rijen
Location:  vancouver, bc, canada
 hi thank you for creative site.i learned many things about moss. im doin a project about moss right now and the pictures helps me...thanks..


Date:  4/26/2003 
Name:  Janet
Location:  Yellow Springs, Ohio, USA
 Well... Hello! I just had to take the time to tell you this. I truly thank you for this website and am most certainly grateful to your father for his work with and study of mosses; to you for taking the time to share his work, so widely. Since being a child I have "loved" ... as in deeply resonnated SO much to moss. Yes, I am growing some but I am truly a novice. I don't even know what I have and in the process of trying ... with necessary aid of my magnifying glass.... to identify the type or types that I now have, I found your site. This is a very informative and beautiful site and I thank you! Janet Shular


Date:  4/24/2003 
Name:  Jeanne Crane
Location:  Birch Bay, WA, USA
 Wonderful website, and gorgeous paintings! If you should publish a book, I'd love to buy a copy. Jeanne


Date:  4/24/2003 
Name:  Betty Preston
Location:  Ancaster, Ont, Canada
 Hi Walter, Zippy and I visited your site. Your site is pretty amazing. I forward to your NFLD pictures as it is one of our favourite Provinces. Dick and I are planning to go to Waskagonish this fall so I was interested in your accounts and warnings. I'm glad to hear that all is going well with you. Take care. Betty


Date:  4/3/2003 
Name:  scott
Location:  Ontario
 Thank you for sharing this moped journey. I found it very interesting to read. I travelled the Alaska Hwy many times--1977-1979. Again, Thanks scott


Date:  4/2/2003 
Name:  Brian Wellwood
Location:   Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
 Hello, my name is Brian and I have been contemplating a trip to Goose Bay for at least 4 years. I have heard a lot of conflicting stories about the journey. Your website is very interesting and factual. I would love to hear some more feedback on preparation for such a journey. I have a friend in Newfoundland that I intend to visit this summer and I was thinking of taking the road through Labrador. If you have time please send some important travel preparation tips or just chat about some of your adventures and tips for driving that long, lonely road. Yours truly Brian


Date:  3/31/2003 
Name:  Cathryn Martin
Location:  Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
 Hi Walter, Your website is fantastic!! The pictures are breathtaking and makes me wish I had taken many trips like you have in your life time. I did notice that you did not have any pictures of your volkswagen bug...I remember that. Thanks for the memories.


Date:  3/30/2003 
Name:  Don
Location:  Prescott, Az., U.S.
  Having traveled almost all of the roads, that you did, in 1996 I am amazed at the massive improvements in the roads. At the time we thought they were rough, but seeing how it was then makes me think different. Thank you for the memories.


Date:  3/24/2003 
Name:  Larry McPhillips
Location:  Washington, DC, US
 BRAVO on the Labrador trip! I am utterly fascinated by the journey across Labrador; never could quite figure out why. Thanks for taking all those photos where I was too lazy to do so; it helps me reminisce about my Labrador trips.


Date:  3/12/2003
Name:  Sherri
Location:  Jonesboro, Arkansas, USA
Love the Website. Poems are great.


Date:  3/9/2003 
Name:  Tom
Location:  Zeist, , The Netherlands
 Hello, my compliments for your nice website and pictures! Please come see my photos sometime? Best regards from Tom.


Date:  2/11/2003 
Name:  Donald Weikle
Location:  Linden, Pa., U.S.A.
 I read and dreamed about the Rupert for years. 10 years ago we bought a chalet on Lac Madelaine between Quevillon and Miquelon. Then finally about 4 years ago my wife and I took a trip to the Rupert. We put in at the Cree cabins and went upriver to the big rapids and camped there for 3 days. What a wonderful experience. It makes me sick to hear what they want to do to this gorgeous river. Good Luck on your endeavor to prevent this catastrophy.


Date:  2/7/2003 
Name:  Richard Michaud
Location:  Oakland, NJ, U.S.A.
 This wonderful site has been intriguing me for the last few weeks. I've always wanted to visit the Arctic, but my wife thinks I'm crazy to want to go to see such remote and desolate places.


Date:  1/24/2003 
Name:  Den Allison
Location:  Burlington, ON, Canada
 Great Wsite, I just got a used 197? Moby Cady in need of lots of work, was good to see the pictures of yours when it was new, 40MPH?


Date:  1/15/2003 
Name:  Walt Parke
Location:  Sterling Heights, Mi, US
 You have an excellent website! I am put together a group of 4 or 5 motorcyclist to head up to Raddison/James Bay. We are planning on the last week of June. Any suggestions or comments would be greatly appreciated.


Date:  1/15/2002 
Name:  don ruggles (don-ohio on moped foru
Location:  Jackson, Ohio, USA
 Unbelievably brilliant layout of your magnificent trip on a Motobecane. The only thing is, I'd have liked to have heard more about the moped. I love mopeding long trips, but what I call a long trip is leaving and returning the same day after 150mi..Nothing close to your feat of daring do! KUDOS, BRAVO! Cheers! From me to you buddy. I own 10 mopeds,5 of which run, and my best are 2 Motomarina Sebrings. I wanted to ask you about the steep hills. I suppose you had the variator drive model, but how many hills did you have to assist pedaling yourself up or push the bike up? My 50cc Sebrings will not pull steep hills without pedal-assist because I weigh 230 and I load another 40 lbs. of gear on average. Oh, yeah! How much combined we


Date:  1/5/2003 
Name:  Jacques Parenteau
Location:  Chambly, Québec, Canada
 Bravo for your nice web site. I have put a link of your site on my perconal website


Date:  1/4/2003 
Name:  Patrick
Location:  Peterborough, Ontario, Canada
  January 4, 2003 Hi, First, I think your info. re: "The road to James Bay' is well done. This project was looked upon by many countries as a stepping stone to the future. However, despite what other countries thought of the great engineering, manpower & workmanship within the province of Quebec... this did, as you say, destroy thousands of years of Cree life. I know, I was there from May 1976 - December 1978. I started as a lab technician, analizing the concrete pours throughout the project. Later in 1977 I was the lab. assistant, which enabled me to be more involved in both the present & future plans. I met and became "friendly" with 3 of the Cree Nation people. These men said they were


Date:  1/2/2003 
Name:  david lowell
Location:  cleveland, ny, usa
 Very interesting. A friend and I are considering a motorcycle adventure to Chisasibi, and are researching the best we can. The fuel supply is our biggest challenge, due to our limited capacity. any advice would be wonderfull ( though the web site is loaded with valuable info)


Date:  12/18/2002 
Name:  Connor O'Malley
Location:  Fort Worth, Texas, U.S.
  Hello, I have greatly enjoyed your website, it contains so much valuble information and it sends a great message. I am a huge fan of Tom Brown Jr. and I have attended his camp. I hope others can find as much fulfillment through this philosophy as i have. Keep up the great work!


Date:  11/2/2002
Name:  Ernest
Location:  Waskaganish, , Eeyou Istchee


Date:  10/29/2002 
Name:  Bruce Gebhart
Location:  Katy, Texas, USA


Date:  10/28/2002 
Name:  Beverly Ruffin
Location:  Houston, TX, USA
 Enjoyed the pictures and maps. I rode to Inuvic 3 years ago; on a BMW R850R. Left Dallas, TX on a Saturday morning and made it to Inuvic the following Thursday. Quite a trip. Summer before last I rode to the Arctic Circle north of Fairbanks on the Haul road. My trips were great ... but your's was very interesting and well presented. Thanks.


Date:  10/22/2002 
Name:  Scott Thompson
Location:  Atlanta, GA, USA
 Great site. This is what I think the internet is all about - a place for individuals and groups to share their ideas and thoughts. You have created a work of personal history that is inspiring to others.


Date:  9/29/2002 
Name:  steven mensh
Location:  washington dc, , usa
 awesome site, have been as far north as Sudbury (pollution,boo!) haven't been west of toronto,...have been to 47 states, 25 native rez's, havent been to a traker school.....yet...i intuitivly do the ancient stuff,...the native "soul"s " that love this area are hear and have been receptive all my life and they and others have led me to the silent language of all the beings that are stationary and non stationary of the "magic forest" , much respect, steven


Date:  9/26/2002 


Date:  9/23/2002 
Name:  chris large
Location:  lowgap, nc, usa
 great site


Date:  9/22/2002 
Name:  Marcelo Rodriguez
Location:  San Antonio, Texas, usa
 Great people!!


Date:  9/11/2002
Name:  Janie
Location:  Milton, Fl, USA
  Your website contains a wealth of of information and I want to make a small moss garden in my yard. I grew in a 70 yr. old home near the a bay and bayou and our yard had lots on ground mosses and as a child I loved to walk on it w/o my shoes !My mom lived until she was 94 and died last yr. and I was researching how I could bring some of "her home" w/ me when her house was sold.I brought her marble stepping stones and would like to plant the moss in between them. Thank you somuch for your information. I am looking forward to beginning my project. Janie


Date:  9/8/2002 
Name:  Forrest Kelly
Location:  Cedar Rapids, Iowa, USA
 I’ve taken many small moped trips just north of my fathers home in Clarence Iowa, never going more then 50 miles out and always staying to the back roads. Riding a moped gives you a feeling of being connected to the land and the road in a much different way then driving a car or motorcycle ever will. After reading every page on your site I’m enthused about how far one can really go on a moped and looking forward to a larger trip. Canada maybe.


Date:  9/1/2002
Name:  Kay
Location:  , Pennsylvania, USA
 Many years ago I had the good fortune to study bryology with Dr. Elva Lawton at the University of Washington. Although I'm not even an amatuer bryologist, I still love looking for mosses when I go hiking. This is a wonderful website, and I hope your the notecards with your father's paintings will be available soon. Kay


Date:  8/20/2002
Name:  Tim Savoie
Location:  Chilliwack, B.C., Canada
 Moved to Whitehorse in 1971 and left in 1988. Traveled the highway many times. Been back on the highway as a tourist twice with my wife in 91 and this past summer. Found your website because we were researching the history of the highway and it's bridges. Loved all your fabulous pictures. How long were you on the road in 78? Have you been back since? Would love to hear from you. Thanks!


Date:  8/11/2002 
Name:  Rolf Goblirsch
Location:  Belle River, Ontario, Canada
 I found the information interesting and plan on a motorcycle ride to the northern end of hwy 109.But I am still confused if there are any ways of finding gasoline enroute. Our Motorcycles have a reach of about 275 to 300 km. If any one can help me here with info, I'd be very grateful. The trip is planned for beginning of Sept. 2002.


Date:  7/30/2002
Name:  John Stephens
Location:  Carp, ON, Canada
 I really enjoy your Web page photos and descriptions. I have done the Alasks Highway twice in the past 4 years, and certainly appreciated your trip report. I'm also interested in Colorado, so I have learnt a lot from your trip. Thanks And keep reporting


Date:  7/25/2002 
Name:  Ryan Spencer
Location:  Merrimack, New Hampshire, USA
 I think its cool that you decided to take it slow while traveling to Alaska. It's neat to think that thoses territories are still for the most part "frontier". You were able to experience the land. It's not going to be like that for ever.


Date:  7/23/2002
Name:  Gregory anselmi
Location:  montclair, new jersey, USA
 I enjoyed your travelogue. I am in fact trying to plan a similiar trip with my 14 yr old son in August of this year. Any tips you could offer would greatly appreciated. I was going to concentrate on the lower st laurence and hopefully make it to the"END OF THE ROAD" THANX GREG


Date:  7/15/2002 
Name:  Ronald Kubik
Location:  Ridgefield, NJ, US
 Have wanted to drive to "the ends of the roads" up North for a long time. I remember I visited Quebec city for the first time in 1986 and headed North out of town towards Chicoutimi, just to see what the road was like, but turned around about 100 km north of Quebec city. Since then I've often looked at maps of Canada and thought about planning a driving trip similar to yours (well, actually 2 separate trips: 1) New Jersey to Goose Bay and 2) New Jersey to James Bay). I've often thought: "just how far north can I drive in a passenger car in eastern North America?" Now that I've seen your website, I'm definitely going to do it! I had some reservations about taking my Me


Date:  7/6/2002 
Name:  david howell
Location:  Fayetteville, Tennessee, USA
 Thanks for a great help. Your concise but eloquent thoughts and observations have answered many questions about travelling to Chisasibi and points north. In early September I am planning a motorcycle trip over many of the routes you describe. I am looking forward to the "silence" and solitude. I just hope the blackflies are gone. Thanks for taking the time to help others with your interesting website.


Date:  6/28/2002 
Name:  Tony
Location:  , New York,
 Very informative sight - especially on the Dempster Highway. Plan on doing the trip someday.


Date:  6/18/2002 
Name:  brenden
Location:  rutland, vt, usa
 i love this web site it is so fun to read.


Date:  6/13/2002 
Name:  James
 I loved the 1978 Moped Trip Page. I have a Honda Express "moped" also which I enjoy to get outdoors. This website is very interesting in that it is just a personal website. I like the fact it is very well documented. Check out my art web site : Thanks for the inspiration. -James Kellogg (16)


Date:  6/2/2002 
Name:  matthew cory amaral
Location:  tiverton, rhode island, united states of amerca
 hey walter, i was very impressed by your comprehensive coverage of just about all things pertaining to northern canada road tripping... the moped trips were dang cool! i'm too am one of those people who likes to see how far the road can take ya.... even better when it takes you through those wild and barren wastelands of the north.... and the links were really helpful too; i now have your website bookmarked for present and future use in planning some trips of my own... not too into all the hippie crap though...... never heard of that tom brown guy, but it sounds like there's alot of people who really need to get a life, then a brain. then flex their heads! matthew cory amaral punk rocker, mountain climber, an


Date:  5/16/2002
Name:  Richard and Debbie Molzer
Location:  Lake Worth, Florida, USA
 After flying over Alaska on my over to "Nam, I promised myself that if I made it back I would drive up to see it from the ground. That was 1968. Met my wife shortly after my return, finished college and began teaching. Seven years later it is 1975 and I had not fulfilled my promise. I got mad one night and called my wife's boss. Told him that I wanted two months off for my wife for me to fulfill my trip. He relented because he had not had anyone work for him like my wife did. (She ended up working there for 30 years). So we drove from Florida to the Northwest Territories and then to Alaska and back. Took most of the same route you took, except for the Canol Road (which as you know most people know nothing a


Date:  5/15/2002 
Name:  ben
Location:  west lafayette, indiana, usa
 I am 15 years old, i have two huge tests tomorow, but stopped studyin for about 30 minutes to go to your sight. Your sight has inspired me to go on road trips during the summer after i turn 18 or 17. I have a 1980 yamaha qt50. It has pretty bad gas mileage. I mean really bad. I don't know what i should do. I love the moped though. Do you have any ideas? I love what you did with the moped and how you were so independant. I want to be a mechanic and be able to fix things when i grow up.I am thinking of teaching a high school industrial technology class. I don't really care about money, just as long as i get through happy. All i need is a house, old truck, MOPED, and money for food and some extras. I want to know how you knew e


Date:  5/9/2002 
Name:  Jim Stephenson
Location:  Dublin, CA, Canadian !
 A former Schefferville resident, and now planning to do the Trans-Labrador and on to Newfoundland with a fifth wheel. We tend to go to the "end of the road" as well, making this a natural. Our report will roll out as we proceed at the WebPage which I presume will show in this posting. Would be interested to hear (E-Mail) from any of you who have experience on Highway 500 with our type of rig. Thank you Walter for your extensive input. We will be carrying a copy of your excellent article.


Date:  5/1/2002 
Name:  Arvinder sondhi
Location:  valley stream, ny, usa
 you did a great job in making of this web site. I really found it very informative.This journey seems very interesting. Next month iam planning to drive there. I would like to speak with you, please give me call if possible. 718-288-9649 Arvinder


Date:  4/20/2002 
Name:  Éric Gagnon
Location:  Chibougamau, Québec, Canada
 Hi Walter, Great site, great pictures, great words! Your artistic sense can easily be felt throughout your site. Great work! We share a common background: computer science. I have been moved when I read Richard Bach's citation on your greeting page, words that inspired me the most when I was younger. By the way, thank you very much for your financial contribution. As soon as RR is registered as a non-profital organization (in a few weeks), a bank account will be opened and your cheque cashed. Keep up the good work, looking forward to meet you and Julie in the near future!


Date:  4/14/2002
Name:  Ian Fraser
Location:  Arden, Ontario, Canada
 Walter; I have just viewed your 1978 trip up the Alaska Hwy. I travelled it in 1965 in a car with family. A most adventurous person you are. Beautiful pictures and awesome scenery. Ian Fraser


Date:  4/3/2002 
Location:  Vlaardingen, Zuid-Holland, Nederland
 Beautiful website . I really enjoy it. Far out.


Date:  4/2/2002 
Name:  Max Hennink
Location:  Kincardine, Ontario, Canada
 I enjoyed the web-site very much. I did some of the same routes myself in an Astro van.Good to see that other people also enjoy this type of travelling. It is a challenge to travel these lonely roads. A feeling that is hard to describe. I wish I could describe the "magnetism" of this northern country.It comes back every year and I look forward to planning my next trip this year to the James Bay area. I am glad I found this web-site....keep up the good work...Thanks Max


Date:  3/12/2002
Name:  Natasha Gunner
Location:  Hull, Quebec, Canada
 Great Web Site! I am looking for pictures of the James Bay Coast. Do you have any? If you do you can e-mail them to me at my e-mail address. Thanks. Hi Ian!


Date:  3/7/2002 
Name:  Stan Lauseng
Location:  Anoka, Minnesota, USA
 THANKS FOR THE REALLY GREAT TOUR OF YOUR BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY. I'm 60 years old and I doubt I'll ever get to the wonderful places you've been, but I sure have enjoyed your trip. Well done and thank you. Gods speed. Stan


Date:  3/5/2002 
Name:  Charles Hill
Location:  El Dorado, Kansas, U.S.
 I really enjoyed the information on the bowdrills also the poems were really moving to me.I am an outdoorsman like to fish hunt and camp use to work for the wildlife&parks dept. Always paying attention to the changing landscapes and population increase in the areas of fishing and hunting interests some bad. Well thats about all for know. Thanks for creating this site Your Friend,Charles Hill


Date:  2/27/2002 
Name:  Phil Marchionna
Location:  Annandale, Va., USA
 A most entertaining and thought provoking "journal". Almost like being there!!!!!!


Date:  2/8/2002 
Name:  Maureen Sedgwick
Location:  Edmonton, AB, Canada!
 I have just read about your trip to the Yukon. In 1978 I was 13 and had gone on various camping trips with my parents to the North. The scenery is breathtaking. I have just bought a Motobecane Cady and am in the process of getting it going. It looks very similar to your moped of 1978. Your listing of tools etc are especially interesting to me as I am attempting to refurbish my moped on my own. I hope to use my moped to keep up to my husband when he rides his triathlon bike on the highwaysof Alberta while training. Maybe I will be lucky enough one day to be able to do a self sufficient trip on my moped but only within Alberta. Thanks for putting this info on the web for others to enjoy! Maureen Sedgwick :-)


Date:  1/8/2002 
Name:  Dave Bonanno
Location:  manchester, connecticut, usa
 Dear Sir, I have much admiration for you. I was looking at pictures of your moped trip. I found your site because I plan to take a two month trip all over Mexico this summer on a moped. I like mopeds for the same reason you do. I also drove to Alaska from CT one time and I know that it's a long and beautiful trip! As I plan the trip I may have some questions regarding what to take, and so on. May I ask you some? Sincerely, Dave


Date:  12/25/2001
Name:  lance brown
Location:  hinsdale, illinois, u.s.a.
  i like your work.very uplifting.


Date:  11/28/2001 
Name:  Randy J.
Location:  Panama City, Florida, USA
 I like your webpage. I'm a nature lover myself and I'd love to ride piggyback sometime!


Date:  11/21/2001
Name:  shirley dunham
Location:  battle creek, mi, USA
 I started Tom's classes years ago, I continue to enjoy keeping in touch. I am also comforted on all of the 'new' undertakings.


Date:  5/22/2001 
Name:  David Hehn
Location:  Northbridge, Massachusetts, USA
 Great site. I just spent the last 3 hours here. It's all very overwhelming to me to think about going there after reading all that. It seemed much easier the way I drew it up in my mind. However, I still plan on going into Northern Canadathis August with my older brother, and possibly a friend. It almost scares me, especially the thought of being a prisoner in your car because of the insects. But, its something I have been planning on doing, and I am not going to back down now. Thank you ever so much for your information. Dave


Date:  4/15/2001 
Name:  Peder Haugset
Location:  Oppdal, Sør-Trøndelag, Norway
 This is very interesting sites. Marvellous pictures!


Date:  3/10/2001 
Name:  Jim Neumane
Location:  Mehoopany, PA, U.S.A.
 I have been planning a trip to LAB. on a motorcycle for two years.I plan on leaving PENNA. in mid August 2001. the Info. on your web sight has been most helpfull in planning this trip of a lifetime.(road conditions,services,ect.)Thank youfor takeing the time to share your trip. Jim Neumane 2002 Hudson Bay ???


Date:  3/4/2001 
Name:  William "Bill" Steenson
Location:  Douglas, Wyoming, USA
 Stumbled onto your site while looking up web info about the James Bay/Quebec Hydro projects and the Caniapiscau Reservior and the roads that access these places. I am a traveler of canadian roads that go "to the end of the road" over the past several years from Alberta thru Sask. to Manitoba and Ontario, and hopefully, if I live long enough and the resources are there, to the roads north in Quebec and Labrador. See you on the road!


Date:  2/3/2001 
Name:  bertrand russell steels
Location:  talllahassee, fla., u.s.a.
 beautiful job .......very inspiring ....must do the same .....hopefully


Date:  1/12/2001 
Name:  The Ancient One
Location:  hamilton, on, canada
 you have a wonderful site . i enjoyed perusing your pages . peace .


Date:  12/4/2000 
Name:  Betty Blashill
 Hi Walter, I really enjoyed seeing the results of your naturalizing your yard. It is truly amazing what you have accomplished in such as short time and very beautiful! Maybe more people would do away with the lawn if they could see what an improvement that would be. Betty


Date:  10/25/2000 
Name:  Richard Etherington
Location:  Ancaster, ON,
 Walter Thank you for the pictures and commentary. I especially enjoyed the Labrador Road. Regards Richard


Date:  8/16/2000
Name:  Harrison Barney
Location:  L'Anse Au Loup, Labrador, Canada
 Just viewed your site and thought it just nice, but there is still a little piece of road that you MUST visit, its the rtoad that starts at Old Forte Bay on the Quebec side and ends at Red Bay Labrador.


Date:  8/12/2000 
Name:  Allan MacDonald
Location:  New Glasgow, NS, Canada
 Great trip...great photos When ya comin out to this end of the country? Al


Date:  8/10/2000 
Name:  Robert Cormier
Location:  Halifax, NS, Canada
 Walter, great site! I am a Natashquan native, and just back from there. I like your pictures of the scenery around this area. One visitor wrote in his website that this area looks like a zen garden. I agree with this. I can't wait to go back there soon! Salut et merci de ce beau récit de voyage!


Date:  8/10/2000 
Name:  WJM
Location:  , , Canada
 Great site! Natashquan may not be the end of the road for much longer... there are plans to extend the road across the river and down the coast to the next village, Kegaska. Should be completed in a couple of years. No plans beyond that, though.


Date:  6/18/2000 
Name:  Steve Romeo
Location:  San Diego, California, USA
 Walter, very cool pictures of your biker days. Thanks for sharing!!


Date:  2/26/2000 
Name:  Surya-Patricia Lane Hood
Location:  Phoenix, Arizona, USA
 Captivating and very, very special. Thank you for the opportunity to view some of your work.


Date:  2/14/2000 
Name:  Chris Deme
Location:  Ballantrae, Ontario, Canada
 Hi Walter how are you doing? I am from Peter Wiinholts group I was at The brownes on Febuary, 11-13 I ran around the house. Write me at my email


Date:  10/25/1999 
Name:  Alfred Muma
Location:  Powell River, BC, Canada
 Great site, Walter, I'll add a link from my site to yours.


Date:  8/08/1999 
Name: Cindy Kamler
Location: California, USA
checked out the photo! you look happy, that's great. walter does have a good appetite! love you.

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