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Spiritual Journeys


This section of my website deals with various aspects of the spiritual path.

Let me say right up front here that I am not out to proselytize or convert anyone to "my" way. I believe that the only valid spiritual path for each person is the one that they map out for themselves.

If you find the material in this section useful, that's great. 
If not, or if you disagree with it, or find it "wrong" for you, then I welcome you to explore other parts of this website.



"You remain silent and it speaks;
     You speak and it is silent."
--Ilsuan Chiao


Ramana Maharshi 
A spiritual teacher who lived in southern India

Peace Pilgrim 
She walked more than 25,000 miles throughout North America in the name of peace

One World 
A spiritual/philosophical writing

Signs of a cult

A Cult? Every now and then the question comes up....Are Tom Brown and the Tracker School a cult? See the Wildwood Survival website for this debate.

Questionable New Age Paths & Cults etc
A list, discussion, and some links

Spiritual Teachers 
Signs of genuine vs. bogus ones

On the Wildwood Survival website

Vision Quest
An informal guide to this ancient method of seeking.

Itís Tough Leading a New Age Life 
A humourous look at the multitude of "new age" pathways that are available today.



Men, said the Devil,
are kind to their brothers:
they don't want to mend
their own ways but each others.

from Grooks, by Piet Hein




Here are some meditations that I have found to be very effective and safe:

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