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Signs of a cult:

  • There is a distinct (often charismatic) leader who is adored. His word is the final word in all matters.

  • No dissent is allowed, or is at least actively discouraged

  • One is encouraged to spend ever increasing amounts of money for classes and courses, and for "initiations".

  • Alternative ideas or paths are actively discouraged.

  • Contact with non-adherents is discouraged, even to the extent of discouraging contact with family members.

  • One is subjected to a constant barrage of the cult's teachings.

  • One is never left alone; one is always in the company of fellow cult members.

  • One is expected to work for the group, usually for free.

  • There is usually an end-of-the-world scenario, but the cult members will be ok

  • They tire you out so you are more susceptible to the repetitive message

  • There is a special vocabulary that you have to master - this helps to set the members apart from everyone else

  • Sometimes there is a degree of paranoia towards non-members - "us" vs. "them"


A Cult? Every now and then the question comes up....Are Tom Brown and the Tracker School a cult? See the Wildwood Survival website for this debate

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