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Spiritual Journeys

Light of the Sun Meditation


1. Light a candle, preferably unscented & white, but any color will do. (Optional)

2. Light incense (sandalwood or sweetgrass). (Optional)

3. Relax your body. Relax your emotions, calm down. Relax your mind, let the thoughts slow down and stop. (Long form mediation helps in this). Close your eyes.

4. Visualize your body as hollow and empty and full of Light -- white-golden light, alive with Life. Hold this for awhile.

5. Visualize the sun in the sky.

6. Visualize a radiant golden sun in your heart.

7. Visualize the sun above slowly entering and blending with the sun in your heart.

8. Say the prayer, silent or aloud,

"Oh, one Life, vibrant in every atom
One Light, that shines in the heart of everyone
May thy omnipresent power guide us to the ultimate goal
And fill our hearts with divine aspiration"

9. Feel/see the sun within you radiating and filling your whole being with divine Light and Life. Feel your oneness with all life. Feel all creatures filled with the same divine force that animates you.

10. Say the prayer (visualizing the sun in your heart as the focal point of the One Divine Life):

"Guide me, from darkness to Light
From the unreal to the real
From chaos to harmony
From death to the eternal awakening."

11. Visualize the sun radiating throughout your whole being.

12. Remain silent for a few moments.

13. Visualize your body (especially your face) clearly before opening your eyes. Feel your face with your hands. This is very important -- it helps to re-focus you in your physical body.

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