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Spiritual Journeys

Leaf on Water Meditation


Breathe slow. Relax yourself. Picture yourself in a little gentle river. The sunlight is bright and warm. The water is cool and nice to you. Sink into the water up to your lips. Feel it move across your skin. On the river edge are many trees blowing in the wind. You can hear bird song, and insects and the water burbling. Breathe in through your nose and smell the plants and soil and water. Dig your toes into the mud on the river bottom. It is soft, slippery. In front of you falls a big leaf. As you breathe in this leaf floats to you. When you breathe out it floats away. Breathe slow and even for a while and watch this leaf come back and forth. And listen to all the sounds of this place. Smell it. Feel it. Keep the images and sensations. Do not let it slip away. Other thoughts just drift off. The water feels soft and fresh. Keep your breath on the leaf and feel with all this, the joy of your song.

(From The Reluctant Shaman, by Kay Cordell Whitaker)

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