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Questionable New Age Paths & Cults etc

Here are a list of New Age paths or movements that are, in my opinion, bogus for one reason or another. When I get to it I will provide explanations of why I have this opinion about each. But for now I have just listed websites that contain reference material about them.

If you are offended by the inclusion of your favourite guru or teacher or path in this list, then I ask that you please first do some research, while at the same time remembering that what is on this page is my own opinion.

David Icke
Please see the following pages/sites for information about David Icke, from "non-Ickers":

If you buy into David Icke, please know that you are also buying into strong Anti-semitism, hollow-Earth beliefs, neofacism & Nazism, and associations with extreme right-wing militias, among other things. Well, if that's what you're into, then that's what you're into, I guess. But do your research. Then step back and think clearly for yourself.

More on this soon.

More on her soon.
Her website is here:

James Twyman

This self-proclaimed Emissary of Light" gives me the creeps. More on this later.
His website is here:


Sometimes referred to as an economic cult. Members subject their friends, relatives, and acquaintances to pressure to join, until their only friends are Amway members (either people have joined or gotten pissed off). Members are expected to buy marketing and feel-good material that promotes a certain lifestyle. Periodic conferences are held, and there is expectation to attend, and they're not cheap. These conferences include a church service! Members are expected to dress a particular way (to exhibit success).

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