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The poems on this page have to do with Nature, the Earth and the Environment, and the appalling things we are doing to our natural home.


Flee to the East
Marching Metal Men
Mother Earth
Where Will We Go?




Oh, delicate blossom
Of hues so fine
From whence come you
Spectacle so fine?

From mud, from sand
From clay, or gravel
Your parent did come
To give you your life

From earth, from sun
From water, and wind
She gently breathed in
Your beauty fine

Aroma of gods
Melting the breeze
Gracing Creation
A gift to the air

Nature's children
Come to share
Blessings of nectar
And pollen sweet

Time flows by
To the autumn of life
Petals now whither
And colors now brown

But in the death
Of one so fine
There lies new hope
For all who watch

Come now the seeds
Into the earth
To again give beauty
In the spring of life.



I have included this poem in this section because it is a vision I have of what might happen if we continue on our current path of destroying this beautiful planet that we live on.  It was inspired by the first chapter of The Quest, by Tom Brown Jr.


Flee to the East

Gather the children
    Sweep them before us
        as we ride onward.

Flee to the East
    across the red sky
        as we ride onward.

Soon it won’t matter
    who’s friend and who’s foe
        as we ride onward.

Carry us swiftly
    Loyal steeds of Light
        as we ride onward.

The mountains lie down
    before us as we pass
        as we ride onward.

And when we arrive
    the Earth will shake
        as we ride onward.



For many years the huge, ugly hydro transmission towers that march across the landscape have been to me a symbol of environmental degradation.  They just blast across the landscape without regard for appearance or scenery, slicing through forests, marshes, straight up and over mountains even.   I wrote this long before the famous ice storms of 1997 (in Eastern Canada), but the image of the last verse certainly fits the destruction that happened then.


Marching Metal Men

Marching, marching
Metal men
Chop the scenery
One by one.

Buzzing, hissing
Out their hate
Tyrants, monoliths
All in line.

Twisted, broken
Is their fate
At the hands of
Nature’s wrath.



Just how far as a species can we push things before something pushes back?


Mother Earth

Oh mother earth
So tender and strong
How can they rape you
And tear out your heart?

Oh mother earth
So deep and vast
When they have finished
Will you be all gone?

Oh mother earth
So loving of all
You forgive them their hate
And their violence on you

Oh mother earth
So nourishing and good
Can we not see
Our own death in yours?




Ancient infinite forest
    Flame of the Earth
Living Light waters
    Soothing the fire
Thickly flowing rocks
    The currents of Time
Earth-breathing winds
    Cleansing of Death
I place my hand in thine;
    Thou takest me, a friend.



What's the difference between raping a person and raping the Earth?  Except that it seems in this society raping the Earth is regarded as a good thing to do.



Where will it end?
    Who will end it?
        What have you done to stop it?

Rape her again!
    There’s still some left
If she crawls away
    cut off her arms
Rip out her hair
    Mark her as yours
When she cries out
    tape up her mouth
Then beat her again
    Make her feel pain
Rip out her heart
    Eat it for brunch
Sear out her womb
    Make sure it’s barren,
Never again to pollute
    this Earth with life
If she still breathes
    You can have her again

You’ve done well,
    she’s dead, I think
But what are you going
    to do with the body?

Why are you looking at me like that?

The rape of your Mother
    stares you in the face
The rape of Mother Earth
    lies at your feet

Now look her in the eye
    and tell her
        you love her



When the Earth tires of human's destruction of her, where will we go?


Where Will We Go?

When the sun falls on deaf eyes
    What will the children say?

When the moon falls on blind ears
    Who will speak for the Earth?

When the stars cry out up above
    Where will the Elders be?

When the wind touches us with sorrow
    Will we be there to listen?

When the rain fills my face with tears
    Who will help me to cry?

When the ocean waves crash on forsaken shores
    Will you be there to feel them?

When the rocks move beneath the oak tree’s feet
    Where will we go?

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