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These poems are all evocative of an image in one's imagination. I write most of my poems intuitively, that is, I do not sit and think of ways to use the words; the words to use simply come to me.  This is especially true of the poems in this section. Some of them may seem rather bizarre, so please don't read these poems with your mind, but rather with your heart, your spirit, your imagination, your feelings. And no, I was not on drugs, nor was I psychotic,  when I wrote them! Another way to look at them is as experiments in poetry and words.

These, along with the poems on the page titled "Inside", are my favourites.

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A Funny Old Man
Ballpoint Rhapsodies
Cracks in the Concrete
Empty Plate
In the Evening
In the Secret Cave
Marking Time
Ocean Visions



A Funny Old Man

One day I met
    a cackling wheelchair
Inhabited by
    a funny old man

And one day he said
    a peculiar thing:
"Embalming the multitude
    stirs up the pudding".



This poem (one of two I have written that have the title "Alone") explores the various types of Alone that we sometimes can experience.  Some are good "alones", and some are bad "alones".  One of the bad "alones" inspired a complete poem, also titled "Alone".
I wrote this poem over a period of years, adding to it from 1977 through 1981.
It is actually a "pseudo-poem", in that it is actually more a series of images rather than a poem.



Alone...being pushed and shoved on the sidewalk of a big city intersection, each person on their own separate path, yet with no paths intersecting.

Alone...deep in the dark, silent evergreens, where even the wind is a hushed whisper among the branches.

Alone...wandering among a crowd of superficial friendships, separated by the vast distances of politeness and formality.

Alone...with the chill autumn breeze blowing mournfully through the bare trees beneath leaden grey clouds.

Alone...sealed within a city room at nighttime, the rest of the world forgotten and forgetting.

Alone...lost amid the soft, swirling white flakes of a winter evening snowfall.

Alone...with one who was once close but who is now a stranger.

Alone...on a beach strewn with driftwood, and the endless waves stretching out to infinity under the sinking sun. a tent beside a small prairie lake amid an infinite plain of golden, rolling grass.

Alone...watching the gold-red sun sink behind the cool evening trees.

Alone...separated by distance from others...For some it is only a short, easy journey; for others it is an infinite, arduous voyage.

Alone...beneath the clear night sky, with the cold sphere of the bright full moon shining down through the trees amid an infinite blanket of silently watching stars.

Alone...standing beside a road with your thumb out, trying to pull a ride out from the impersonal traffic.

Alone...amid the bare silhouettes of tree branches swaying to and fro in the wind, creaking slowly in the cool air. a place full of people and friends, now empty to the sight, but not to the mind.

Alone...relentlessly pursuing a career, pushing forward to the ever distant goal of "success". the top of a mountain, the wind in your hair, as the world expands to infinity beneath you.




Ballpoint Rhapsodies

Silent scribblings
Upon twisted pages
Rend me asunder
If I do not watch

Brass beads race
Upon the glass of time
Skittering about
Like this mind of mine

Ballpoint rhapsodies
On islands of time
Keeping control
In this life of mine.



Cracks in the Concrete

Cracks in the concrete
Beneath my feet
Stepping softly
At the end, they meet

Sunrise comedy
Of golden delight
Searchlights of time
Arrested in midflight

Halo of songs
Pleasing the air
A hole in the wall
Leads us to where?

So, take my hand
As we walk along
The serpents cry,
"You'll be there 'fore long".



Empty Plate

A boy's empty plate
Lies on the stove
Unused, forgotten
Until the feast

Begging askance
To mother's love
"Care for me always" --
The unbidden cry.



In The Evening

Molten musings
Upon the ocean of time
Liquid fireflies
Circling in vain

Satisfied chair
Glowers now in the corner
Electric selection
Always on time

Surreal paddies
Whitewashed broken flies
Lightning airhawks
Shoot mothers down

Loving potatoes
Creating vast chimes
And I sit and watch
As my room speeds away



In the Secret Cave

Silence unspoken
No words today
Deepness resounds
In the secret cave

The candle burns
In the still air
Warming light
In the secret cave

Freshen me softly
Come as the spring
Jasmine sunshine
In the secret cave



Marking Time

Marking time
In the ancient way
A field of sorrows
Make a busy day.

Casting forward
My borrowed yesterdays
Until today comes
To drag me away.



Ocean Visions

A stainless steel moon
Glints in my mind
As I wander to and fro
Across the sands of time

Cold leaf fluttering
From a black man's lips
Palm trees vibrate
In the frozen breeze

Touching down softly
Upon the melted page
My words tumble and scurry
Chasing and dancing away

Their secrets lie buried
In the roots of life,
Like trees in a gale;
Firmly, they sit.


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