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These poems are all evocative of an image in Nature and the wilderness.

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Ancient Melody
Eternity Waits
Under the Silence of Midnight
Under the Stars
Upon the Sands



Ancient Melody

Ancient melody
Older than time
Spell woven
About my mind

Silent stillness
Of sound arises
Soul's flight
On notes tonight



Eternity Waits

Shadows of life
upon the sky
Whither the clouds go
the wind will follow

Growing solitude
amongst dancing leaves
The mountain stream flows
as a river to the sea

Monarchs of the Earth
bow down before the storm
Supple and yielding
their will to the One

Dancing caresses
silver the lake;
Hidden deeply within
crystalline Love grows

Speaking softly
of Time, the stars watch
For when love is gone,
Eternity waits.




The sun sinks from the heavens
    A solitary shadow stands etched upon the land
        Raised arms imploring the day to return
            Then, crouching, to ward off the night.



Under the Silence of Midnight

Notes upon a silver stream
            dance in the sun
    sparkle in the shadows
            of moonlight
    glisten upon the snowshores
                of an abandoned lake.

Come away with me
    and we'll chase the fallen laughter
            under the silence of midnight.



Under the Stars

A gift of memories
Drift through my mind
Silence unfolding them
Under the stars

The dancing wind
Plays through my hair
Strolling to nowhere
Under the stars

Whither will I travel
Over the sands of life? –
Dreaming of futures
Under the stars

Past, present, and tomorrow
Meet me on the beach
As I muse and ramble
Under the stars



Upon the Sands

Cold with ageless wonder
Upon the sands I sit
Amidst the ageless wisdom
Of times long past

The stars smile down
From their haven above –
The silent watchers
Of eons passing by

The lives of Men
Are naught but a ripple
As the ocean rolls by
And carries them away.


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