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I couldn't decide what category these poems fit into.


A Drink of Water
Living Death      Living Life
Nonsense Poem
Open Me



A drink of water

A drink of water
upon the table
Beckoning to me…
my hand awakens

A drink of water
From whence did it come?
Slipping into me…
now it is gone.



Here is a pair of poems that highlight the opposites that are available for us to choose from.


Living Death

My bars are your mind,
And my cage is so cold

I stretch my wings,
And they shatter as they bend

Crippled and lame,
I decay into rust

What is this death,
That I am living for so long?


Living Life

The sky is no barrier,
To those who gaze upward

I stretch my wings,
And they reach for the stars

Alive and full of wonder,
I soar into the infinite

With wings I fly free,
And so, my love, must you be.



"They" (whoever the oppressors may be) may take one's body & one's mind, but in the end we are free.



Squabbling about
in an endless search
for life’s
great pacifier

He rushed madly forth
only to shatter himself
on the ragged edges
of his broken dreams

Bent, twisted and broken
his soul lies bleeding
rent upon the rocks of life

His tears roll like mud
from his eyes as he lies
ground into the dust of despair

One more precious life
is lost
in the sea of Time

But now he’s found
the quiet inside
and they can’t take
that away from him.



Just for fun!


Nonsense Poem

Butter on my fingers
and butter on my toes

Butter up my nose
and butter on my elbows.



Open Me

Open up my soul
    -- a rift through which
        my energy drains

Cascading out
    -- slowly I die
        -- slowly you live

Soon I'm free
    and you're trapped
        here on Earth.




The express train of tunnelvision
Races forth from the past
Only to collide violently
Against the multifaceted present.

Like a trapped insect dashing itself
Against the screen of change
Imprisoned by programming, yet
Yearning to be set free.

Like a light in an empty cave
That shines only upon itself
Awake not to the world outside
Seeing only the blackness within.

Chained to the pillars
Of solid upright beliefs
Helpless when the earthquake comes
To shake all into dust.

Like a stingy old miser
Leaning on his cane of bigotry
Plunging into the chasm of light
When the termites come to feed.

To derail this consciousness
Causes a most terrible crash
But look! See the light shine
From the fires of destruction!


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