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These poems are about writing poems and telling stories.


Just another crap poem (that's the title)
What This Poem Means
Word Patterns



A poet I know is very modest (to the extreme) about the quality of her poetry.  This is my answer to her.

Just another crap poem (that's the title)

Just another crap poem
surely you don't want me
to assault your ears with it

Just another masterpiece
has spilled from your pen
I sit in breathless expectation

Just another crap poem
it's only a first draft
needs lots of work
and revision and editing

Just another masterpiece
a completed work of art
change just one letter
and the whole poem is diminished

Just another crap poem
there…I've read it
now, what should I change first?

Just another masterpiece
insights fill the room
amid swirling words of change




When I think too much
The poems go away
Thank god for the clouds
On a sunny day.

When the mind churns
The words fly away
So now I’ll be silent
And calm like the Earth….




Indulge me, my friend
In a story so fine
Weave me a tapestry
Of words and rhyme.

Spin up a yarn
And send me away
To a far off shore
And another day.

Warm up my dreams
That I may take flight
On the wings of fancy
This cold winter’s night.



I wrote this after a series of poems came to me that made very little sense on a logical level, in particular In The Evening.


What This Poem Means

What this poem means
I have no idea
For what was its purpose
Remains unknown.

Could it be love
That pulls out the words
Or is it just chance
That fills up the page?

Uninspired mutterings
Or deep philosophies
Random ramblings
Or words of the gods?

I’ll never know
And you’ll never know
‘Cause this poem ends
With this last verse.



Word Patterns

Behold, the words tumble forth
Beneath a printed sky
Cold and calculating
They take my breath away.

Sky-wind takes them
And tosses them about
They settle into patterns
To tease my weary mind.



This poem was inspired by the melody (not he words) of a song by Pete Seeger.



Words words words
Where do they end?
Do they lead us on to Truth
Or do they just tell us lies?

Words words words
A thousand meanings
Shades, colours, senses, and times
So many of them to know.

Words words words
I've spoken so many
Have they all been from my heart
Or have they just been shells?

Words words words
They leap up at me
From the myriad printed pages
And from this questing poem.

Words words words
They struggle and fight
To break the walls of the heart
To pierce through to the golden center

Words words words
Sometimes they drown me
With their noose around my neck
I struggle to break free

Words words words
Yet I love them all
For in their absence would be
A terrible silence to smother all.


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