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Naturalization of my Property

Backyard - 2002

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Early Spring 2002

Apr 22: A late spring light snowfall
Apr 28: One week later, it's starting to look more like spring!
May 17: Haven't yet cut the grass. I notice that whenever I do cut the grass, the amount of wildlife in the backyard decreases immediately afterwards, until the grass grows up again. The only wild things that seems to like the shorter grass are the robins - I guess it makes it easier for them to find worms and such.


Here's a view along the side of the house looking out over the backyard. Looks kinda wild, doesn't it?


May 28: Later, at the end of May. The light blue flowers are forget-me-nots. They're an alien species, and spread like crazy. I pulled most of them out before they went to seed.
A nice place to sit on a spring day...

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