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Naturalization of my Property

Backyard - 2002

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Summer & Fall

I didn't make many changes during the summer of 2002. I mainly just kept up what was there. 

I did find it necessary to thin out some asters, as they were crowding out some other plants, such as Tall Coreopsis and others.

I also started to dig a pond, although on a much smaller scale than my original attempt a couple of years ago! I didn't get very far though - just a depression in the ground. I'll finish it off next year.


Here's a picture of the left-hand section of the field area in June, before much has flowered.


A view of the right half of the backyard in September.

Wow! What a "jungle"!

This part of the yard looks much like a natural, native field.


Here is a panoramic view of the whole backyard, in September 2002. 
This is the view from our living room window!

     .....You may have to scroll right to see the whole picture---->>>>>


The red oak turning yellow - October

I plan ahead and intentionally leave the grass long before winter. This gives more under-snow winter habitat for the resident voles, mice, and shrews that inhabit the yard. And as well it provides more food for them over the winter. However, I do cut the front lawn, since that is what the neighbourhood looks at.

An early fall light snowfall, November 2, 2002.

Very pretty with the fall colours!

Winter's around the corner.


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