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Naturalization of my Property

Backyard - 2001

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Winter & Spring

Winter 2000-2001

Here's what the backyard looked like during the winter. 

We had a lot of snow this winter.



Early in the Spring 2001

At last! - Spring starts to peep around the corner!

Later in the Spring - May 2001

I have transplanted some daylillies into the area to the right of the bird feeder. This is an example of allowing certain non-native plants in. The daylillies will fill this area in very quickly. If they start to spread beyond where I want them, they can be easily removed. And eventually I can replace them with native species.

The birdbath is also a new addition.

This picture was taken from the bedroom window.

Here's the area of the "field", with lots of plants getting started.  Most of the native plants are still only less than a foot tall.

I left last year's dead plant stalks until the end of May - just before this picture was taken.  Birds use the materials in the stalks for food and nest building.  Also, the fallen stalks decay and return to the Earth.

Here is a view out towards the pond from the bedroom window.

The big branch is part of the white oak tree.

I will continue to mow the grass along the trails and in the small grassy areas that are have remaining - one of which is visible at the bottom of this photo.


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