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Naturalization of my Property

Spring 2005

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Front Yard

Julie has been tidying up the front yard a bit as well.

As you may recall, if you have been reading through the whole narrative of the naturalization process, the goal was to keep the front a little bit less wild than the back, in order to blend into the neighborhood somewhat.

This photo shows where she has planted various herbs intermixed with marigolds. The marigolds are partly for colour, but they also help protect the herbs from rabbits etc.

A closer view of the same area.
Back to the back yard again ...

The Cucumber Magnolia tree has produced flowers this year for the first time!! So much for the myth that they must be 25 years old before they flower! This tree is about 12 years old (approx).

It's called a Cucumber Magnolia because the seeds/fruit resemble cucumbers. I've never seen one; maybe I will this year. They're not edible.

Those of you who are into edible plants should remember that everything is edible -- ONCE! (joke)
If you don't get this ... then just think about eating a poisonous plant. You CAN eat it - once. After that you're dead or poisoned.


One of the many chipmunks that frequent the back yard. We estimate there are about four in the area this year.

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