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Naturalization of my Property

Summer 2004

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Back Yard



If you've followed this narrative in sequence, you've seen pictures of the "circle" that I left in the back yard.

Well, here's what I sometimes use it for in the summer months.

I line it with a plastic tarp and fill it up with water. It's a real nice place to lie on a hot summer's day! And I especially like to have a dip before I go to bed -- I lie there looking up at the stars until the mosquitoes drive me inside. Very refreshing!!


Great Blue Herons sometimes rest in the white oak tree. They probably spend the night sometimes as well, but we can't be sure of this, as they sometimes don't settle on a roosting spot for the night until it's dark or almost dark.


A Raccoon snoozing the day away in one of the trees, high above the ground. He's hard to spot -- look carefully - he's in the center of the photo to the left of the main trunk, with his head lying on the branch pointing down towards the lower right).
There's been a lot of goldfinches at the feeders this year. In fact, there's been a lot more birds around this year than any prior year.
Here's a view of the very back of the backyard, looking sort of towards the house. The woods area is to the left.

We leave stumps out in the yard here and there. My original purpose was for places to sit. However, the squirrel especially like to sit on them and eat sunflower seeds.

The Cup Plants keep getting taller every year. This year they are about 6.5 - 7 feet tall! This is third week of July and they have started to flower.
Looking toward the pond, from the back of the backyard.

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