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Digital Photography

Cameras I have used (owned)


Canon Powershot Pro1

This is the camera that I am currently using. I purchased it in June 2004. A huge improvement over the Powershot G3. LCD panel bigger. 8 megapixels vs the 4 of the G3. 7x optical zoom. Improved manual focusing. Super-Macro mode allows much better close-ups. Better controls and placement of them. Longer life battery.

The first one I got had fibres and dust inside the lens. One replacement that was offered to me did as well. The next one developed a fault with the lens extending, 30 days from the time it was new. The lens started to extend in jerks. Got it replaced under a 30-day take-back warranty, and this is the one I have been using since, which is just fine.

I really like this camera. I have taken about 30,000 photos with it and still love it. One of the features I like best is the tilt-and-swivel LCD panel on the back. This allows me to hold the camera overhead and shoot down onto something, and conversely, to hold it real low and shoot up.



Canon Powershot S2 IS

I bought this camera as a spare in the summer of 2005. I chose this as it is both similar enough and different enough from the Powershot Pro1 to serve as a good spare. It is only 5 megapixels. But it takes fantastic movies (604x480 with stereo sound), and is quick to operate. The macro mode goes down to - get this - zero cm! It also has 12x optical zoom and has image stabilizatiom, which greatly improves shots taken in low light (eliminates or reduces blurring due to hand shake). All in all a very capable camera.


Canon Powershot G3

My second digital camera, purchased in June 2003. I felt that this camera was much better than the G2. The auto-focus seemed to work better. The manual focus was much improved. The grip was less slippery. Better controls.



Canon Powershot G2

My first digital camera. I bought it in October 2001. However, it had several shortcomings, which eventually prompted me to upgrade to the Powershot G3.

This camera broke completely down (wouldn't turn on) on the second day of a trip to James Bay in August 2002. It took them longer than 30 days to fix it, so I got a new one. The new one had a non-critical fault right from day one, which I eventually got fixed under warranty in 2004 before I sold it.




Pre-Digital Photography


Minox 35GT

A nice miniature but still full-frame 35mm camera. I bought this for my trip to India, as I didn't want to carry a conspicuous larger camera around with me. I used it on other trips as well. I still have it, but it misses about 1 in 10 pictures. Press the shutter, and you think it took the photo, but it really didn't. Probably just needs a good cleaning.


Olympus OM-1

An excellent camera!! I took about 5500 pictures with this camera. I still have it, but it needs cleaning. The shutter release sticks sometimes.

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