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The spectacular Rupert River!

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A shrub that grows deep in Ontario forests.  Its bark is exceptionally tough and pliable, making it ideal for emergency survival cordage.  I was first shown this plant years ago when I was 18, on a winter survival weekend.  I had never been able to find it again until recently when a fellow plant enthusiast pointed it out to me.

There's more information about Leatherwood
on the Ontario Trees & Shrubs website

"Argue for your limitations, and sure enough, they're yours."
-from Illusions, by Richard Bach


Brother Warrior

Gentle warrior,
    with your heart like gold
    and a rainbow in your eyes.
Brave companion,
    do you see a world
    shining in the sky?
With your body dancing like an arrow,
    spreading joy beneath your feet,
And your hands that wave like tall grass
    in the wind as you speak.
With the shyness of a small child
    and the wisdom of a sage,
I tell you now, there is no reason
    to be afraid.

Brother Warrior,
    there are none of us
    who walk this path alone.
Spirit healer
    it's the only life
    that we have ever known.
I see your smile in the sunlight
    I hear your songs in the rain,
Hold you here inside me
    feel your love, and know your pain.
At this time when the earth is waking
    to the dawn of another age,
I tell you now there is no reason
    to be afraid.

We are crying for a vision
    that all living things can share
And Those Who Care
    are with us everywhere.

-- Words by Kate Wolf ( Another Sundown Publishing)
(Kate Wolf was a gifted songwriter & folksinger who unfortunately passed away in the 1980s.  Her music is on Rhino Records)


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