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Southwest USA 2001

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Valley of the Gods


This narrow dirt road (don't travel here when it's wet) meanders through an area known as the Valley of the Gods.

It's an out-of-the-way alternative to the overused and busy Monument Valley.


Some of the spires along the way.


The road goes right around behind these, up close.
More spires in the silent desert.

We found a nice flat rock along here, and we felt that it wanted to go home with us. It now graces our front yard. We had to "trade" a front hubcap for it, though. Many miles after picking up this stone, when we reached the end of the road and were about to turn onto the paved highway again, we discovered that a hubcap was missing. I felt that it would take too much time and trouble to locate the lost hubcap, so I wrote it off as payment for the stone.

See a picture of it in our front yard in the Naturalization section of this website, Front Yard 2002 section.


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