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Southwest USA 2001

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Natural Bridges National Monument


Sipapu Bridge.

A "natural bridge" is different from an "arch" in that a natural bridge is made completely by flowing water.

An arch is made by weathering (ie, chunks of rock gradually falling so that an arch is formed).


We hiked down to the bottom of the canyon underneath Sipapu Bridge, a descent of about 500 feet.
Julie doing some tracking under Sipapu Bridge.
The canyon under Sipapu.

It is subject to regular flash floods. We were in no danger this day.

Flash floods can catch you unawares when it rains many miles away and the runoff is funneled into these narrow canyons. You may not even be aware that a storm is happening, and suddenly a wall of water comes at you around a bend in the canyon. With the steep or vertical canyon walls blocking your escape you may have nowhere to escape!


Kachina Bridge.
Owachomo Bridge

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