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Southwest USA 2001

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Grand Canyon National Park
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We made the hike down the Bright Angel Trail to Indian Garden.

This is near the top, just after we started out.

If you look far away down, you can see a very thin thread of a trail. This is our destination, 300o feet down, and 4.5 trail miles away.



Part way down.

Indian Garden is visible as the patch of trees just to the right of the trail to Plateau Point (the thin thread leading across a flat area, just to the left of and above the center of the photo).


This huge stalk is part of a Century Plant. These plants live for years storing up food in their roots, then all of a sudden one year they put up this huge tall flower stalk, produce seeds, and die.


Looking back up at where we started from: we came down from the bottom of the "V" in the rim.


Just beyond Indian Garden, the farthest that we went. It was about 105 degrees F here.

In order to conserve our strength, and due to the heat, we decided to not hike out to the end of Plateau Point, in the distance.

Believe it or not, we are only halfway in terms of distance to the Colorado River here, and there is still another 1300 feet to descend.



At Indian Garden, 3000 feet below the south rim. 

Now we have to climb back. Our destination is just to the right of center, at the "lowest" point on the rim.

It actually wasn't such a bad ascent. We took it real easy, and treated it like an easy stroll, looking at all the Natural features, plants and animals along the way.


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