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Southwest USA 2001

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Wupatki National Monument


Wupatki preserves a series of above-ground (ie, not cliff dwelling) ruins north of Flagstaff.

Here is the main ruin. A lot of rubble has been cleared away, and the walls have been stabilized.


Just beyond the main ruin is a structure known as a "ball court".

Nearby is a "blowhole" into an underground cave system.  Sometimes this hole has air blowing strongly out, at other times, air is rushing down into the Earth.


A closer view of the "ball court".

I personally find it hard to believe that so much effort went into constructing something to be used merely for a sports activity. Perhaps this structure had a much greater significance than sports do for our society today.


Citadel Ruin, located on a hilltop, overlooking the vast desert plains.

The painted desert is in the distance.

None of the rubble has been cleared, and no reconstruction has been done on this ruin.

Looking out over the plains here, I can imagine what it must have been like a thousand years ago when people lived here before the white people came.  Free to roam at will across the land, a land free of the noise and mad bustle of modern society.


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