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Southwest USA 2001

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Monument Valley


Famous Monument Valley: this is where many western movies have been filmed, and many advertisements as well.

Although it is within the Navajo Indian Reservation, we found the area to be overused and commercialized. Every viewpoint had at least one person selling crafts, and the only way to get out into the more remote parts was to take a "tour", crowded onto vehicles that resembled pickup trucks with seats in the back, with a commentary blaring at you through loudspeakers.


As remote as you can get without taking a tour.
A far view of the desert and some of the monuments.
In a valley between two ridges. Not many people around.

You can see how the road has been widened by people driving just anywhere, all over the place (not just the tourists).

Overall, we found it disappointing due to the overused feel and the rampant commercialism.

We far preferred the Valley of the Gods, just north of here in Utah. Although not as spectacular, it was natural and much quieter.


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