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St. Lawrence North Shore

July 2000

After returning to Baie Comeau from Labrador, I headed east to my second destination of my "To the Ends of the Roads" tour: Natashquan, which is east of Havre St. Pierre on the north shore of the St. Lawrence (1010 km east of Quebec City).  By that point you are actually on the Gulf of St. Lawrence, no longer the river.  For me this was a 570 km drive east from Baie Comeau.

For the time being, Natashquan is as far as you can drive on the north shore.  A look at a map of the north shore east of Natashquan tells you that this will likely be the end of the road for some time to come.  There are many very large rivers to cross if the road were to be extended further east.

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A bay on which I camped, near Sheldrake (west of Sept Iles).  The water here is salt water, and the essence is that of the ocean, with sea birds and other ocean life.


This informal campground was interesting in that each community along the shore had contributed a uniquely-styled birdhouse to the campground.  Here are a few.

Although this area is not as remote as the Trans-Labrador Hwy, it is still a remote area, and the road can be a bit empty at times.  The longest stretch between gas stations is 100km.  But it is paved all the way to the end!

At the Riviere du Sault Plat (not too far past Sept Iles) there is a rare geological feature known as a "glacial groove".  The river flows down along 3 of these grooves, as shown in this photo.


The river then goes over a falls, seen here from the highway


For a long time Havre St. Pierre was the end of the road.  The highway was recently extended 130km further east to Natashquan.

This is the typical scenery east of Havre St. Pierre.  A barrens-type of country, with lots of rocks and spruce bogs.



As you travel further east, the coast gets more barren.  Here is the typical coast near Natashquan.


At Natashquan you have little choice but to turn around and head back the way that you came.  For me, this meant heading west 768 km to Tadoussac (on the Saguenay River).

Alternatively, you could get on the coastal ferry that travels along here.


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