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St. Lawrence North Shore


The St. Lawrence North Shore refers to the north shore of the St. Lawrence River in Quebec (Canada), east of Quebec City.

On this website, I am referring to the part of the St. Lawrence North Shore that runs from Baie Comeau eastward. The road used to end at Havre St. Pierre, but in recent years has been extended eastward to Natasquan (1010 km east of Quebec City, 570 km east from Baie Comeau). By that point you are actually on the Gulf of St, Lawrence. 

For the time being, Natashquan is as far as you can drive on the north shore.  A look at a map of the north shore east of Natashquan tells you that this will likely be the end of the road for some time to come.  There are many very large rivers to cross if the road were to be extended further east. But eventually it will run all the way east to the Strait of Belle Isle.

For information and travelogues about the far east North Shore, the part that is north of Newfoundland and extends into Labrador, see the Trans-Labrador Hwy website.




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