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Newfoundland & Labrador 2003


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Burnt Cape Ecological Reserve

This is a relatively new Reserve, located very close the the northernmost tip of Newfoundland. It is home to many very rare plants, including one or two that are found nowhere else in the world! Its exposed windswept location causes most of the plants to be very stunted. In fact, some are almost unrecognizable because of this.

This photo shows the typical environment of Burnt Cape. It consists of a relatively flat-topped plateau, with cliffs along the sides. You can actually drive up here, along a very rough road described as being "really humpity-bumpity" by the park's tour guide! Quite an appropriate term, indeed!


A Northern Green Orchid (I think) growing in the center of a frost circle, ringed with Avens.
The nearby town of Raleigh.
Hairy Willow. These stunted plants hug the ground, and are only about 6 inches tall.
The "Cannon Holes" in the base of the cliffs by the water.

The extremely rare Burnt Cape Cinquefoil. This plant is found nowhere else in the world!

This Tamarack is over a hundred years old.
Alpine Bearberry


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