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Hot Air Balloon Ride

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Drifting with the breeze, into a VERY hazy dawn. There was very little wind this day.

It's generally very peaceful up in a balloon. The silence is broken by the roar of the air heaters which were just above our heads.

As well, sounds from down below carry remarkably well up to us.

A ruin of some sort.

We generally stayed about 100-1000 feet above the ground.

Someone's new house.
The other two balloons
Another house. There's someone waving at us on the porch.
"Crop squares"
A flock of Ring-billed Gulls flying past below us.
One of the other balloons
Our pilot was hoping to land us in the field beyond the river - the light-coloured one just before the town. But the breeze blew us past and we had to keep going. We couldn't lose enough altitude quickly enough to land there.

Balloon pilots prefer to land in fields that have been already harvested, for obvious reasons. This time of year, there were a lot of freshly cut hay fields around.

Here's one of the chase vehicles that was following us. They would meet us at the landing site to retrieve the balloon.
We had to get past this town in order to land.

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